Current Ordering Timeframes

The global pandemic has affected supply chains across the world. The bicycle supply chain, in particular, has been hit very hard in the US due to the increased demand for bicycles. If you drop into your local bicycle shop, in all likelihood you will see an empty floor. The recumbent industry seems to be a few months behind in terms of demand, but it is definitely affecting the recumbent industry now. So below is a list of the current manufacturers that we work with and what their current timeframes are. I will update this data weekly and as I get additional information from suppliers.

We do have some stock on the floor, but in general will not sell it if we cannot get a replacement in a reasonable time frame. We also have orders already in place with some of our manufacturers, so if you are interested in getting one of those bikes, we will do our best to accommodate.

Updated 8/24


   All trikes - 13 weeks

   Selected 700 colors - immediate

   ECats - 16 weeks


   Rambler 24” wide - October

   Tandem Pro – September

   Rover Tandems – in stock and ready to ship

   All other models – December

HP Velotechnik

   Immediate shipment on the following US models: Gekko 26 Performance (low stock), Gekko 26 Comfort, and Gekko fx 20 Performance (low stock)

   Other US models not available until late November

   Custom trikes from Germany -October 16


   All custom models are 6-7 weeks out

   VTX (most Custom Configs and World Championship Edition ) for almost Immediate delivery

   Sprint X Race RGD, RS and FS for almost Immediate delivery

   Summer Editions within 2 weeks Max as we have almost sold all pre built stock, some are immediate fulfilment

   Fast Track Adventures and Adventure HD 26” rigid and 20” rigid within 2 weeks, some models are Immediate

   Sprint X Tour Fast Track RGD RS and Custom FS within 2 weeks, some models are Immediate


   All but carbon fiber frames are readily available as framekits. Complete bikes out-of-stock. Let us build you a custom bike!