HP Velotechnik Gekko 26

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Are you looking for an attractive recumbent trike – without becoming too immersed in all the technical details of the tricycle world? Then the Gekko 26 is a perfect choice: clear lines, raised seating position, no compromises in equipment and easy to buy. And all this at a tempting price!

With the Gekko 26, engineers have fundamentally rethought the tricycle philosophy of HP Velotechnik. The aim was not only to achieve a higher seating position on an affordable laid-back adult trike. Above all, their engineers wanted to implement the typical, sporty and precise driving dynamics of their tadpole trikes with the two steered front wheels in a very price-sensitive environment. In other words: A great trike also for those who have to work on a tighter budget.

The Gekko is available with three component packages. Click here to learn more.


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