Carbent HPV Raven Frameset

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The Carbent HPV Raven is the epitome of performance recumbent cycling! Designed and built one at a time at Bent Up Cycles, these beauties personify speed, acceleration and comfort.

Bryan Ball of describes the Raven as “…a VERY fast bike. A ludicrously fast bike. It’s so fast that it will give you bad habits. When you know that you have a bike that requires very little effort to pedal at 25 mph and practically flies up hills, it’s easy to convince yourself that maybe Lance was wrong and it IS all about the bike. You’ll tell yourself that you CAN have those last two or three adult beverages on Friday night before you ride on Saturday morning because you have a Carbent Raven and it is surely fast enough to make up for your impending hangover.” Read the rest of his review here.

The Raven is an ultra racing legend.  In 2010, Tim Woudenberg set the Race Across America solo recumbent record on his Carbent HPV Raven.  Sandy Earl raced 442.46 miles to set a new Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) women’s 24 hour record on her Raven in 2011.  Dana Lieberman, the builder, set the Furnace Creek 508 two-person mixed recumbent record on his Carbent in 2008.  The history is impressive and the speed amazing!

What makes a Carbent HPV Raven different?  The main tube is mandrel-wrapped in a proprietary pattern of uni-directional carbon fiber to ensure ultimate strength, comfort and light weight.  Each lug is painstakingly crafted and bonded in place.  With seven frame sizes, four seat sizes and nine different handlebar configurations, this frame is truly custom-built for each rider.  Add an extensive selection of components, wheels and accessories, and you have the recumbent industry’s only true custom performance bike.

How fast can you go?

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