ICE Technical Details

ICE Technical Details

ICE trikes are known for their beautiful designs, superb handling and quality components. What many might not know is the engineering that goes on behind-the-scenes to create these magnificent trikes!



ICE strives to make their trikes fit as many different riders as possible – check out their Fitting Section for more details.


There is more to brakes than just parts that make you stop. See how ICE integrates a variety of different brake styles to meet your needs in their Brake Section.


The seat is ultimately what determines whether or not you love your trike. See all of their different seating options.


What difference does wheel size make? It might not be what you expect. Check out their Wheel Sizes for more details.


Gearing is critical to having a fantastic ride. Check out their different gearing options here.


Finally, tires are what literally connect you to the road. See why they are so important.


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