Bacchetta Dual Pivot Brake

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Bacchetta long reach brake. Dual pivot with wide arms make them perfect for wider rims.

The front brake is left hand side pull means no more chain interference!

Weight- 168 grams Includes- Shoes w/Kool Stop brake pads Color- Black Anodized

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I purchased 2 front brakes for my Carbent HPV which I recently upgraded the wheels to Enve 3.4 a wider rim. The Bacchetta Dual Pivot Brakes are supposed to be for wider rims but once the brakes were installed there was very little clearance with the carbon Enve brake pads. I had to shave the pads down to give reasonable clearance for the brakes to work properly. Unfortunately there are not too many options so I was glad the Bacchetta brakes were available.

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